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Psychedelic Research in the Land

Active Clinical Trials:


Psychedelic Commercialization: A Wide-Spanning Overview of the
Emerging Psychedelic Industry

Jacob S. Aday, Brian S. Barnett, Dan Grossman, Kevin S. Murnane, Charles D. Nichols, and Peter S. Hendricks
September 2023
American Psychiatrists' Opinions About Classic
Hallucinogens and Their Potential Therapeutic Applications: A 7-Year Follow-Up Survey.

Brian S. Barnett, Miranda Arakelian, David Beebe, Jared Ontko, Connor Riegal, Willie O. Siu, Jeremy Weleff, and Harrison G. Pope.
September 2023
Ketamine versus ECT for Nonpsychotic Treatment-Resistant Major Depression
Anand A, Mathew SJ, Sanacora G, Murrough JW, Goes FS, Altinay M, Aloysi AS, Asghar-Ali AA, Barnett BS, Chang LC, Collins KA, Costi S, Iqbal S, Jha MK, Krishnan K, Malone DA, Nikayin S, Nissen SE, Ostroff RB, Reti IM, Wilkinson ST, Wolski K, Hu B.
June 22, 2023
LSD use in the United States: Examining user demographics and their evolution from 2015-2019.
Weleff, J., Anand, A., Dewey, E., & Barnett, B.
December 2022
The perceptions of cancer health-care
practitioners in New Zealand and the USA toward psychedelic-assisted therapy with cancer patients: A cross-sectional survey.

Reynolds LM, Barnett B, Weleff J, Morunga E, Wells A, Stack A, Akroyd A, Hoeh N, Sundram F, Muthukumaraswamy S, Lawrence N, Evans WJ.
November 3rd 2022
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